Montana Moose and Goat Hunts

Get an authentic Montana Moose and Goat hunting experience in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
If you can manage to draw one of these coveted licenses we would love to be a part of helping you find one of these magnificent animals.This area is both rugged and remote, and we have the means to get you to where you need to be to find these animals. Expect to spend a long but fruitful time in the saddle as we may cover many miles in pursuit of your moose or goat.

Moose District 150

We hunt in Montana Moose District 150, and there is only one license given in that hunting district. With only 1 tag being given for that area you are sure not to have any other hunting competition and have a large area all to yourself.  The moose rut runs from late September through Mid October, and that is a great time to be in the mountains listening to big bull moose grunting. Contact us too if you need help applying or for further information on Montana moose hunts. Application deadlines for moose are May 1st.

Mountain Goat Districts
132 & 133

Mountain goat hunting is truly a unique and exciting experience. The terrain these amazing animals live in will test your skills as an outdoorsman. If you think getting the 20 miles into the wilderness to find these goats is a chore, you will soon realize the work has just begun. Let our experienced mountain horses get you as close as possible and then get off as the real hunt is about to start. We prefer to start our hunts after October 10th as that is when the goats start to get a nice winter coat. Both Districts 132 and 133 have only one permit released for each area. Contact us with any additional questions on a mountain goat hunt or for help with applying. The deadline to apply for a goat license is May 1st.

Dates and Rates

Sept 13th - Oct 31st - $800 per day

See our Dates and Rates for all options and start booking your trip today!

Preparing for your Hunt

Below is a list that might be helpful as you get ready for your hunt. Please bear in mind as you go through this that a packer’s dream is a client with two army sized duffel bags and a rifle (we provide scabbards) with a combined weight of 70 to 80 pounds. Keep out a warm coat and rain gear to be worn or tied to the back of your saddle. When you arrive, please have everything you need for the trip into the backcountry packed separately from the street clothes you will need when you return. This way we can pack everything up the night before we go in and get an early start the next morning. 

Please remember to let us know of any fragile or breakable items, so proper precautions can be taken when we pack them.
  • 400 square inches of hunter's orange
  • Warm winter coat (wool, hydrofleece)
  • Light sweater or jacket
  • Cotton or flannel shirts
  • Wool or comparable hunting pants
  • Blue jeans or light trousers
  • Wool socks
  • Insulated or wool underwear
  • Undergarments
  • 2 pairs of warm gloves
  • Warm hat
  • 1 pair leather hunting boots**
  • 1 pair insulated boots **
  • Valid hunting and fishing licenses
  • Rifle of your choice suitable for game being hunted
  • 40 rounds of ammunition
  • Sleeping bag (3 or 4 pounds down or fiber)
  • Air mattress (we provide cots)
  • Personal gear (toothbrush, towel, comb, etc)
  • Knife, hatchet, or saw
  • Binoculars
  • Waterproof matches
  • Camera and film
  • Flashlight & extra batteries
  • Rain gear
  • Compact fishing rod with case
** Important!!! The boots that you bring are probably the most important piece of equipment. Make sure to have one good pair of insulated, waterproof boots. Two pairs of liners are nice, so you can dry one pair while wearing the other the next day. We have found that Hoffmann and Schnee’s make boots most suitable for our weather and conditions.

Deposit Policy:
A deposit of $500 will book the particular hunt you want until Sept 1 the preceeding year. At that time the remainder of the 50% deposit is required. Balance due upon arrival. 

Cancellation Policy: 
Deposits are nonrefundable. This space is held for you, and this means turning others away. Deposits are transferable if you have someone else to take your place. In the event of Forest Fires, USFS closures, or other natural disasters, any remaining deposits may be held for a future reservation within 2 years.